We’re pretty proud of our restorations and upgrades – in fact, they’ve become a bit of a PJS Sports Cars speciality and we’re pleased to welcome people from across the UK and beyond to our workshop as we bring their pride and joy up to scratch.

When it comes to restoration, we think we’re up to any challenge – as you can see from some of the photos on this page. We’ve taken cars from piles of rusty parts in boxes to shiny new, factory-standard machines.

How we restore your car is entirely up to you. The same goes for upgrades. For the purist, we can restore to factory standard. For other owners, we modify the car exactly how they want it – often to make older cars more useable and reliable, for example changing the ignition or cooling system to better match modern traffic. We might add a new engine, a different gearbox or even remodel a body. We have given cars entirely new interiors, added many comforts such as heated seats and high-end stereos. We are inventive, resourceful and creative.

Lotus Elan Sprint
Lotus Elan Sprint DHC
Lotus Elan Sprint
Lotus Europa S2
Lotus Elan S1
Lotus Seven S2
Lotus Europa Twin Cam
Cortina Lotus Mk 2
Lotus Seven S2
Lotus Super Seven S2
Lotus Seven S2
Lotus Elan Sprint
Lotus Elan S4
Lotus Elan S4
Lotus Elan S4
Austin 7 Ulster
Lotus Elan +2
Lotus Cortina Mk 1
Lotus Elan S1 GTS
Lotus Elan S4
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