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You can catch the Lotus bug at any time. For Paul Shipley, owner of PJS Sports Cars, it was at the age of four, when he was put into the driver’s seat of a Lotus Elan for the first time.  For Paul's wife Louise, who is usually on the telephones front of house, it began with a Series 1 Elise.

From then, he’s never looked back. Paul has restored a Lotus 51 and then raced it for a number of years. Paul has also Sprinted and Hill climbed many other cars, including an Elise, a 340R, a Lotus Seven, an Elan and an Elite.


For over a decade PJS Sports Cars has sold a number of different makes and models of car, from the modern supercars to the finest heritage examples. As the years passed, Lotus owners in particular must have sensed the special place that Lotus has in the company’s heart, as the number of customers coming to PJS Sports Cars to buy, service, repair and restore their Lotus continued to increase, while at the same time loyal customers just kept coming back.

As it grows, the company continues to base its business on basic principles of giving the very best customer service and ensuring only the highest level of technical expertise in the workshop. Whether your car hails from the 1950s or is fresh out of the showroom, we’ll treat it with the same respect and care.

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