Cars for sale

PJS Sports Cars knows how to find fantastic new and pre-owned Lotus cars and has been selling to Lotus lovers for over a decade.

We have sold cars to the UK, USA, Japan and many European countries.

  • Finance available

  • Part exchange always considered

  • Cars sold on commision

  • Car finders service

  • WANTED - All Lotus models purchased in any condition

Lotus Elan S1 GTS
Lotus Elise S
Lotus Exige S - SOLD
Caterham 7 - SOLD
Westfield XI - SOLD
Lotus Seven S2 - SOLD
Lotus Elan +2
Lotus Elan +2
Lotus Elan S3 SE - SOLD
Lotus Elan Coupe - SOLD
Lotus Elise 111R - SOLD
Lotus Elan S3 SE - SOLD
Lotus Elise R - SOLD
Ford Anglia - SOLD
Lotus Elise Sport 220 - SOLD
Lotus Elise Sport 220
Lotus Elise S1 - SOLD
Lotus Elise S2 - SOLD
Lotus Europa - SOLD
Lotus Europa S2
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