The Ignitor is an electronic ignition system that is designed to replace contact breaker ignition systems. It is not suitable as a replacement for an O.E. electronic ignition system. It is a solid-state electronic system containing a rotating cobalt magnet, mounted on the distributor shaft, triggering an electronic switching module (i.e. Hall effect integrated circuit).

The electronics are moulded in epoxy, eliminating deterioration from dirt, oil, grease or moisture (improving bad weather performance). The system fits entirely inside the distributor, with no external module to clutter your engine compartment. With no points to burn, pit and corrode and no moving parts to wear out, the Ignitor provides a maintenance free ignition system.

Suitable for many 12v negative ground systems. The Ignitor is designed for use with points type coils - do not use with low resistance electronic ignition type coils.

Aldon Ignitor Electronic Ignition - 4 Cyl Lucas 23D4-25D4


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